It’s spring again and that means one thing: playoff season. Starting in mid-April the Mobile Doormen’s sports consumption increases by an unhealthy factor. The NBA (Bob’s preference) and NHL (Graham’s preference) postseasons mean that multiple games are on each night and extra screens are a necessity. Mobile devices do a nice job of enabling gluttonous consumption of hoops and pucks (not to mention soccer, baseball, and the rest), but we’ve come to realize they could do even better. Here’s how.

1) Split screen / multiple windows on mobile devices

Say you have Bulls-Bucks on your TV, Rangers-Penguins on your tablet, and Twitter up on your phone. All of the sudden you see that the Wild and Blues are in a tight and you need to watch it. The best way to do this now is by grabbing the remote and turning the channel. If multiple apps could be open and on screen at the same time, you could keep the original game on the TV and shrink your Twitter feed to make room for the exciting finish on your phone (which is the screen you’ve been paying the most attention to, anyway).



2) Projection capabilities

Sometimes as the weather gets warmer you find yourself at a party on someone’s rooftop at the same time your beloved Spurs are on the verge of elimination but battling hard. You’ve been checking the score all evening and as the game enters the fourth quarter you can’t resist anymore – you start streaming the game. A couple of people from Texas you were talking to earlier notice and come over; now there are four of you huddled around your phone in the corner. If you could hold the phone such that it could project the image onto the wall next to the staircase more people could enjoy the game without having to breathe on each other.




3) Solar powered devices 

We’re not saying it needs to be an Elon Musk special, but harnessing the sun’s power would be great for those times you’re on a patio at your favorite TV-less brunch spot enjoying a lovely day and the Capitals game just went to overtime. Streaming the game is killing your battery (not to mention your data) but you can’t turn the game off now! Solar power would ensure you make it to the very end without worrying about your phone conking out along the way. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

We know some workarounds for each idea currently exist. For example, there are (bulky) solar powered mobile phone cases and you could excuse yourself from the party and flip on the TV downstairs. We also know that in the grand scheme these issues are a bit trifling. Nevertheless, all three ides could be used in other contexts that would, in fact, make mobile devices even more powerful and beneficial than they are today.