Download our full Jan. 2018 Pop Culture Calendar for more resident event inspiration

While January may mean a return to the familiar work groove for most, that doesn’t mean the holiday fun needs to stop for your building and residents.

To help your community embrace the new year, we’ve brainstormed a few simple ideas on how to engage your residents and carry that familiar communal spirit of the holidays into 2018.

And be sure to check back each month, as we post new ideas and full calendars throughout the year!

Download Our Full Jan. 2018 Pop Culture Calendar

January 6 - NFL Playoffs Begin

December may take the lead here, but thanks to football, January might be considered the second most wonderful time of the year for sports fans across the country.

Starting this Saturday, and continuing through the rest of the month, the NFL playoffs will dominate many fans’ weekends. Schedule or encourage residents to host watch parties for some of the month’s biggest games. You can find a full slate of games on

Hint: Building managers and residents can use their Mobile Doorman apartment app to post about watch parties on the Bulletin page, or reserve amenity spaces on the My Unit page.

January 19 - National Popcorn Day

A recent study found that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February - many of which include self-promises to eat better. But technically it is National Popcorn Day, so that constitutes a well-deserved cheat day, right?

Celebrate a (light) indulgence with your community by providing residents with free baggies of popcorn from a local favorite shop. 

Feeling more ambitious? Popcorn maker rentals are widely available in most major metro markets. Roll in a popcorn maker and give your residents their very own popcorn bar, filled with different seasonings and toppers to make the day extra special.

January 23 - Oscar Nominations Announced

And the award for best apartment community goes to…. Your Building!

This award season, test your residents’ movie knowledge by creating a community-wide Oscar ballot pool to see who can best predict the winners of every award.

Most sites, such as and other entertainment publications, will publish printable ballots shortly after the day’s announcement. Encourage residents to fill out their own before the award show on March 4th, with the promise of a small reward given to the winning ballot.

January 31 - Full Lunar Eclipse

Pshhh…. Solar Eclipses are so 2017. 

While last August’s eclipse received plenty of love from the national talk shows, many may not realize that the end of this month will mark the first blue moon total lunar eclipse in 150 years

The eclipse, scheduled to occur in the wee-hours of the morning, might not be enough motivation for many to break their sleep schedule, but for those looking to watch, suggest nearby areas where residents can get a clear view of the historic event.

And for those not looking to venture outside, The Virtual Telescope project provides a livestream of the Jan. 31 eclipse from Australia, beginning at 11:30am UTC.

Learn more about the “What, When, How and Where” of this month’s Full Lunar Eclipse.

Download Our Full Jan. 2018 Pop Culture Calendar