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Is that… The SUN I see?!

For much of the nation, March resonates as a reprieve from the long winter. Temperatures begin to creep upwards and yearly reminders of the spring season approach, including baseball’s opening day, St. Paddy’s Day and, of course, the official beginning of spring (March 20th - so close!)

As resident spirit undoubtedly rises alongside the thermometer’s reading, we’re excited to share this month’s roundup of resident event ideas for March to keep those warm and fuzzy vibes of spring resonating throughout the halls of your building.

As always, be sure to check out our full calendar of resident event ideas in the link below - and check back each month, as we post new ideas and full calendars throughout the year.

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March 7 - National Cereal Day

Personally, this is one of my favorite days of the year. Celebrating Cocoa Krispies (not to be confused with Pebbles), Frosted Cheerios, Mini Wheats, and who can forget Waffle Crisp? Sign me up.

While we wait for the U.S. government to finally designate March 7th as a Federal Holiday, finding ways to celebrate National Cereal Day this year will still need to work around your residents’ work schedules. Setting up a continental breakfast for your residents ahead of the morning commute, complete with a full cereal bar of your favorite cereals, will be sure to raise the spirits of your residents and carry them through the slog of hump day.

March 13 - March Madness Begins

Between March Madness, baseball’s opening day, the NBA & NHL regular seasons, and Euro league soccer, it is hard not to argue that this March might be one of the best months for sports in the entire year.

With the rise in popularity of bracketology in the US (70 million brackets were filled out last year, that’s more than one bracket per five people in the US!), it only makes sense for your community to set up a bracket challenge pool for residents. Sites like ESPN, Yahoo and CBS Sports all provide solid options for setting up your tournament this year. Residents feel like they’re in the dark when trying to choose their teams? Analytical sites such as FiveThirtyEight and give hardcore basketball fans all the stats they need when filling out their brackets, otherwise most bracket challenge sites give quick snapshots of each school - including mascot - to make picking brackets easier than ever.

March 14 - National Pi Day

While rooted in a more mathematical background, National Pi Day has taken on a whole new sweeter meaning in recent years.

To celebrate this year’s Pi(e) celebration, encourage residents to share their cooking abilities by setting up a community pie exchange this March 14. Or if you’re looking to contribute to your building’s CSR, encourage residents to donate their pies to a building-wide bake sale, with benefits going to a local charity of choice. 

March 18 - National Awkward Moments Day

Awkward high school & family photos. Everybody has some, and everybody loves seeing them (just maybe except your own…)

On March 18, encourage residents to share some of their worst of the worst through their building’s mobile bulletin board for some community bonding over hair scrunchies and over-gelled spiky hair. Some people not too eager to show their less-than-flattering images from their youth? Sweeten the pot by raffling off an item to the resident with the best awkward photo (*Hint: You can set this up through your building’s custom apartment app - shoot us a note if you want help!)

March 29 - MLB Opening Day

While the calendar might say that spring officially hits on March 20, most Americans would point to baseball’s Opening Day as the officially-official start of spring. And while it may never become a national holiday, watching a pitcher take the mound can give anyone the warm-weather feels. 

To celebrate, gather residents together for an Opening Day watch-marathon in your building’s common area, filled with snacks and drinks to keep the party going all day. Not enough interest for a full day’s worth of baseball? Send a message to residents to gather in the common area for a community picture while donning their favorite pinstripes and jerseys ahead of the day’s first pitch.

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