Download our full Mobile Doorman Feb. 2020 Pop Culture Calendar for more resident event inspiration

Between Valentine's Day, the Super Bowl, and Mardi Gras - February is the shortest, yet easily one of the busiest months of the year.

In this month’s edition of the Mobile Doorman Pop Culture Calendar, we highlight ways to celebrate a few of those holidays over the next 29 days (that's right, 2020 is a leap year), to help you build stronger connections between your residents and staff.

Don't forget to check back each month as we'll post new ideas and full calendars throughout the year!

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February 2 - Groundhog Day

This February marks Punxsutawney Phil's 134th celebration and while his predictions aren't always 100% accurate, it’s hard to deny the excitement and anticipation that comes on Groundhog Day.

If our furry friend Phil happens to predict an early spring, treat your residents to a celebration by announcing early summer hours for outdoor amenity spaces. Get your residents even more engaged by encouraging them to submit their predictions in a survey within your Mobile Doorman apartment app. 

Want even more fun facts about Phil? Check out the official Punxsutawney Phil website for plenty of history and even more fun Groundhog Day ideas.

February 5 - World Nutella Day

Craving something sweet? How about Nutella? 

Kick off the morning for your residents with a Nutella station for breakfast. Set up a waffle-making station, serve up some pancakes, or better yet - serve up some crepes!

Be sure to keep things simple, organized, and hassle-free with recipes such as this one and your staff will become expert Nutella chefs in no time. Now who's hungry?

February 9 - Oscar Night

Celebrate Hollywood's most star-studded evening showcasing the talents of the film industry's finest talent with an Oscar-themed resident party. 

Pick out a theme for your residents to have fun with so they know exactly what to wear and what to bring for the event. Plan some additional activities for your residents before the show kicks off like submitting winner prediction ballots. Give an award on who will take home the Academy Award for an array of categories.  

And of course, your movie-themed party shouldn't be without a generous selection of popcorn so prepare a variety of flavor recipes that your guests can enjoy during the show whether it's butter, cheese, caramel, or kettle corn. 

February 20 - National Love Your Pet Day

This National Love Your Pet Day, do your residents a favor by organizing a one-day pet adopt-a-thon in one of your outdoor common areas. Reach out to your local animal shelter and have them bring a few rescues to your community that your residents are guaranteed to fall in love with.

Concerns with pet allergies? An alternative option could be having a pet picture contest. Have your residents submit pictures of their adorable pets on the resident app Bulletin Board and tell them to submit their votes on the cutest pet. Award winners with something small like a new toy or a small box of treats. 

February 25 - Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday

Every once in awhile, we need an excuse to eat that second muffin or stop at the bakery and grab a box of paczkis - that's right, we're talking about Fat Tuesday. 

Ring in Mardi Gras with an abundance of sweet treats, fun-feather masks, some lively New Orleans jazz, and an assortment of colored beads. 

And lastly, no Mardi Gras soiree would be complete without some delicious Creole cooking, jambalaya and corn bread. 

Download Your Free February Event Calendar