Download our full Mobile Doorman Feb. 2018 Pop Culture Calendar for more resident event inspiration

A shorter month doesn’t have to translate to a shorter list of events for your residents. Between Black History Month, Valentine's Day, the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and the Winter Olympics, February might be one of the most saturated months on the 2018 calendar for reasons to celebrate.

In this month’s edition of the Mobile Doorman Pop Culture Calendar, we discuss ways to celebrate a few of those lesser-recognized dates across the next 28 days, in an effort to build a stronger digital connection between your residents and staff, with the help of your apartment app.

And as always, be sure to check back each month as we post new ideas and full calendars throughout the year!

Download Our Full Feb 2018 Pop Culture Calendar

February 2 - Groundhog Day

This February will ring in Punxsutawney Phil's 132nd prognostication - and while he may not always be on target with his prediction (Data from the Stormfax Almanac's data shows that Phil's six-week prognostications have been correct about 39 percent of the time), it’s hard to refute the fun that comes with waiting to see if he sees his shadow each year.

Treat your residents to a light-hearted celebration if he predicts springtime arriving early by announcing summer hours for outdoor amenity spaces will open a whole one day earlier this year, or encourage residents to enter their predictions if he’ll see his shadow or not by placing a survey within your Mobile Doorman apartment app. Select one winner to receive a piece of winter or spring clothing (e.g. scarf or sunglasses) as a result of the weather outlook.

Want even more fun facts about that furry fortune teller? Check out the official Punxsutawney Phil website for plenty of history on the “holiday” to inject some additional fun into your event with residents.

February 5 - World Nutella Day

Who doesn’t absolutely love crepes, right? Why not celebrate this day of hazelnut & cocoa goodness by setting up a crepe-making station with the help of a hot plate & frying pan in your lobby or shared cooking area?

Simple recipes such as this one on can help your staff become fast-tracked crepe chefs, ready to serve up some delectable sweet treats for your residents before - or after - work.

February 15 - Singles Awareness Day

Ok so the abbreviation might spell out the word “S.A.D.”, but that doesn’t mean Singles Awareness Day needs to be a gloomy one for your residents! Reserve a common area the day after Valentine’s Day for a resident mixer to meet some fellow neighbors looking for love.

Not convinced about an inter-building relationship? Of those who responded to a recent survey from, 82 percent had never dated someone who lived in their building, but of that 82 percent, 63 percent wouldn’t be opposed to give it a try.

Still not convinced about a potential apartment romance? Reach out to neighboring buildings within your portfolio to set up a happy-hour social at one of your buildings, and send out messages to your residents through their apartment app.

February 20 - National Love Your Pet Day

For most of us pet owners, we look for any opportunity to celebrate our furry companions. This National Love Your Pet Day, do your residents a favor but setting up a one-day pet adopt-a-thon in one of your outdoor common areas and invite representatives from a local animal shelter to bring a few rescues for residents to fall in love with.

Another option? Encourage residents to submit pictures of their pets on the Bulletin within their apartment app all month-long and ask residents to vote on the cutest pet in the building. Winners could be awarded with something small such as a little “Building’s Cutest Pet” award or new food dish. Nonetheless, who wouldn’t love to see a Bulletin full of adorable dogs and cats?

February 22 - National Margarita Day

Admittedly it might be a little cold in most cities for a blended tequila treat, but that doesn’t mean many of us would turn down the opportunity if we had the chance at one, right?

Rent a margarita mixer from a local party store or outlet and host an evening happy hour for residents and staff to bond over a frozen treat, giving your building just another opportunity to socialize for a good (or as some might say, “great”) cause.

Download Our Full Feb 2018 Pop Culture Calendar