Have you thought about hosting an event for your residents? How about a watch party for the Big Game? Even if your hometown team didn’t make it to the championship or if your residents aren’t football fanatics, a Super Bowl watch party is a great opportunity for managers to interact with residents as well as build and foster community engagement. 


If you’re feeling stuck about planning a watch party for the Big Game, here are some useful tips and suggestions to help make your watch party a success: 


Letting your residents know about the watch party 

The first step in planning any successful social gathering boils down to logistics and most importantly, how you intend on telling your residents about the event (i.e. email or social media), when the event will take place, the venue, the overall purpose, as well as how you will track attendance. With your mobile resident app’s Event Calendar, you can post about upcoming events and send notifications directly to your residents so they are kept in the loop. Once your residents are notified, they can import events directly to their personal calendar. 


Picking the right a location

Depending on the amenities of the property, managers have a number of options when it comes time to picking a location. On-site amenities such as lounge areas with TVs and guest seating are a great option for hosting large group gatherings. Off-site venues such as a restaurant or bar should also be considered if your property doesn’t have adequate on-site amenities. For popular non-holiday events such as the Super Bowl, booking an off-site event requires additional planning and funding so be sure to give yourself additional time to get guest RSVPs, secure the venue, and prepare for any unexpected costs well in advance. 


Food planning

If there is one thing that brings people together, it is food - and at a Super Bowl party, food tends to be one of the star attractions. Whether that be wings, pizza, or artichoke dip, your residents will thank you for covering food and drink costs. Knowing in advance exactly what food, snack and drink items your residents want can make a huge difference in turnout, satisfaction, and the overall success of your event. With easy-to-use surveys from Mobile Doorman, property managers can distribute surveys directly to residents at the click of a button - providing valuable data that will allow you to better understand and engage with your residents.


Be Inclusive 

Residents might have second thoughts about attending a group watch party if they are either new to the building and haven’t had the opportunity to interact with other residents, or if they’re simply just not that into football. Many people enjoy the camaraderie and the social aspect of watching the Super Bowl, as well as the commercials, more than the game itself - so as a property manager, it is important to create an environment that will make everyone feel welcome. Go the extra mile and offer alternate activities such as board games that will help make your residents feel more included. 


Maximize the guest list and open it up to external attendees

Hosting a watch party is a prime opportunity to showcase your property to potential renters so be sure to encourage your residents to invite and check-in guests. Doing so ultimately presents an opportunity for you as the property manager to market and sell the experience of your community to potential lease applicants. Plan to have applications on-hand in case any outside guests express interest in learning more about the community or the property.