There’s no doubt that Halloween is going to look a lot different this year due to the coronavirus. However - that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways you and your onsite teams can pull off a fun, spook-tastic (and safe) Halloween celebration with residents.

And while Halloween night might not have the usual trick or treaters knocking from door-to-door, there’s no need to get spooked if you find yourself struggling to come up with creative alternatives for your multifamily community.

Alas, our team has a few tricks up our are 5 ways that your onsite staff and residents can pull off a fun, social distance-friendly Halloween this season:

Host a Door-Decorating Party 

  • Let your residents’s creative abilities shine through by organizing and hosting a virtual door-decorating party. With the built-in Online Events feature in the Mobile Doorman app, it’s easier than ever to organize, share details, and host large-group events such as a door-decorating session while also maintaining your residents’s safety. 

Plan a Social Media Costume Contest 

  • No Halloween season would be complete without a scary costume. So why not get your residents involved in the fun with a community-wide costume contest. Promote the contest through a content tile to make it easier for residents to participate and engage with their fellow community members. Don’t forget to give out a prize for best costume. Anything ranging from a coveted parking spot onsite to a gift card to a local coffee shop or cafe can garner enough interest to ensure a successful event.

A Socially-Distanced Scary Movie Night

  • Does someone have any popcorn? Because your residents will need plenty of it for this scary movie night event. Some halloween-themed drinks and a bounty of candy and your residents will be set for a fun movie night. Send out a survey with a list of movie choices, plan an online event, and share the details with your residents when you're ready to plan your next get-together. If your property has an outdoor or indoor common space, set up a movie watching area with distanced seating...and don’t forget to have residents bring their own snacks and beverages! 

Pumpkin Carving Night

  • Keep things simple and fun with a resident pumpkin carving night hosted as an online/virtual event! It’s safe, easy to plan, budget-friendly, and it’s a great way for your residents to casually meet and get to know other members of their community. Share pictures with other residents through the bulletin board or post on social using a #Hashtag that's unique to your community!

Host a Virtual Costume Party

  • Don’t have access to any pumpkins or a common area for a movie night? Keep things simple and host a virtual event. Get families involved through a spooky singalong, virtual dance party, or just host a casual happy hour. 

Want additional tips and tricks for planning a successful Halloween or other holiday event with your residents? 

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