The final season of Game of Thrones had fans all sorts of twisted. 

Some viewers complained that the writing felt flat. Others said the finale was too rushed, and many came to believe that Season Eight was a disservice to the entire series. We all saw the petition demanding the season be redone

This isn’t a present-day phenomenon either. There were similar reactions to the series finales of Mad Men and The Sopranos. And let us not forget the uproar when Felicity cut her hair. 

But what causes such strong reactions from an audience? It’s simple, really: these series generate intense loyalty and emotional investment because of the power of their storytelling and the unique experience they provide to viewers. 

All four series were able to connect with their audiences, to engage them, to bring them into the folds of the story. They created and shared experiences that we all felt we could relate to - even the fantasy, dragon-filled world of Game of Thrones. 

Similarly, in recent years, apartment operators have placed an increased emphasis on telling a story about their communities and creating unique experiences for prospects and residents. Success has become less about being the most beautiful property in the market and more about leveraging that beauty and combining it with amenities and storytelling to create a truly unforgettable living experience. 

Build the Story, Build the Loyalty

Game of Thrones writers quickly established a sense of loyalty among its viewers, not only to the show itself but to House Stark. From the very first episode, viewers could easily relate to the close-knit family led by patriarch Ned. 

Viewers watched as he and his wife, Catelyn, lovingly yet sternly interacted with their children. Ned’s teachings and views on the world were relatable and something we all could imagine our own parents saying. 

By beheading Ned in the first season, writers weren’t just aiming for shock and awe. They wanted the audience to feel the same sense of loss the Stark family did. Ned’s death strengthened viewers’ loyalty to the Stark children and Catelyn and created a deep concern about the trials they were sure to endure now that the family patriarch was gone. 

Loyalty in Multifamily

Now we understand creating a plot and storyline with all the twists and turns as GOT is 100 percent crazy in multifamily. But building loyalty through creative storytelling and brand experience is not. 

Today’s apartment communities boast similar amenities packages: hotel-inspired features like stunning pools and state-of-the-art fitness centers, chef-designed kitchens with stainless steel appliances and even consumer-trending smart-home technologies. 

So the question now becomes: What really sets a community apart from the pack? The answer can be found in the community brand itself. Each community has a unique brand, a unique story to share. 

MORGAN Group, which develops and manages upscale, urban properties across the United States, believes in the power of brand. The firm has actively sought out solutions and services to help further create resident loyalty to Pearl, its high-end, customer-centric brand. 

“We spend so much time and money promoting and building the brands of all of our properties,” says Joe Arentz, vice president of national property management at MORGAN. 

By using white-labeled mobile apps from Mobile Doorman to communicate with residents and provide them access to a wide range of services, MORGAN is able to provide renters with a truly best-in-class experience and to convey their brand stories. Having the communities’ names on the apps further increases the loyalty residents feel. 

“Our branding has become such a fundamental part of the living experience of our residents. So, to then have our communities’ name and branding on these [resident] apps is a very powerful way to reinforce and complement those efforts. It’s a highly effective method for cementing the bonds our residents feel with their homes. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

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