With dozens of daily, competing priorities for residents - from work-related focuses, to just simply figuring out what's for dinner tonight - it can be difficult as an onsite team to truly engage with its residents and build a strong community.

Last month, our friends at Trilogy Residential Management put their creativity to the test at communities across the midwest for ways they could use their phones to reach residents in new and exciting ways - and it was truly amazing to watch.

Using their custom apartment apps, a number of Trilogy communities utilizing Mobile Doorman technology facilitated a Custom Tile and Engagement contest. Communities were judged on whose custom content tiles used the most unique ideas, were the best designed and were most valuable for residents, as well as which app boosted its overall app engagement during the contest using messaging tools. Let's check out the winners!

Tile Contest Winner: Residences at the Streets of St. Charles Place

To say the St. Charles team crushed the contest would be an understatement. As we mentioned previously, the winner of the Tile Contest was to be chosen based on three requirements: Most unique, Best designed and Most valuable to residents. St. Charles won all THREE! 

Some of the most creative tiles included "Explore Louis" and "STL Farmers Market Guide", as well as a "Staff Picks" tile, which features a weekly video posted inside the app where a staff member fields questions from residents and gives their favorites, like local coffee shops, restaurants, or a property question.

And if the creativity wasn't enough, the community saw a 9% increase in engagement overall from their messaging efforts with new tiles! Way to go, Residences at the Streets of St. Charles Place!

The team at Residences at the Streets of St. Charles Place

Engagement Contest Winner: Waterchase

Talk about engaging with your community's residents! 

Using fun and informational content tiles such as "Meet the Team", "Wadvantage Discounts" and "Maintenance Corner", the Trilogy team at Waterchase were able to increase their community's engagement with their app by 37% (yes, you read that right!!). Congrats to the entire Waterchase community!

Our friends at the Waterchase community