“Do your apps send text notifications?”

This is a question we are often asked. The answer is simple.


Mobile Doorman makes branded apps for our customer properties. Part of the user experience of a branded app is receiving notifications on your lock screen that clearly show that the message is from the property. The lock screen will have the logo, name of the app (i.e. the property and/or management company) and a preview of the message. Residents know who the message is from and the property reinforces its brand right there on the resident’s phone.

With text messages, the experience is unbranded and, to use a technical term, kind of janky. The message comes in from a random number, which a resident will most likely not save in his/her contacts. The message is a text just like any other; it’s not unique, it doesn’t stand out. Depending on the service provider or plan, the message may get cut into multiple texts and cause the phone to buzz several times, not to say anything of what might happen to attachments.

Trust us on this one. In our v1 we offered text as an option and it mostly led to confusion. The most frequent response by residents to all the different text messages sent (package notifications, visitor arrivals, general announcements, etc.) was: “Who is this?”

Don’t leave your residents guessing - with branded app notifications they will always get the message!