There are any number of factors that play a crucial role in resident satisfaction. Clearly, the quality of in-unit and common-area amenities is important, as is a community's responsiveness to service requests. Onsite associates must be warm and approachable. Pricing is critical, too: renters have to feel they're getting good value for what they're paying.

Communities also shouldn't estimate the power of resident events in driving high levels of resident satisfaction. Thoughtful and well-organized events do much more than allow renters to relax and have a good time. They give residents a chance to get to know one another and to form a real bond with the community in which they live. When residents feel connected to each other and to the property, the likelihood of lease renewals grows.

Need some ideas for successful resident events? Check out the five recommendations below.

Community Scavenger Hunts (Easter Egg, anyone?)

With Easter Sunday around the corner and the Easter Bunny making its annual return this weekend, setting up a building-wide scavenger hunt has never been more timely - and more importantly, fun to set up!

Scavenger hunts don’t need to be siloed to just this time of year, too. Get creative with your onsite team to build photo-based scavenger hunts (e.g. Take a selfie with each member of the front door staff this month and post it to our community app’s bulletin board, etc.) for a quick way to build rich user-generated content to share on your community’s social pages. Or make it a daily challenge over a week’s time, with the first person to find and return a special item to the leasing office each day wins a gift card to a local coffee shop.

A little competition is always a good thing. And speaking of a little competition – maybe challenge a sister property to a scavenger hunt challenge! 

Yoga Classes in Common Areas

More than ever, apartment residents are interested in wellness. And not just physical wellness – they want to enhance their mental and emotional well-being as well.

Given these concerns, yoga has become extremely popular recently, and yoga-related events at your community are sure to be a hit. These can be held in the property's fitness center or even outside in an attractive common area. Consider partnering with local health and wellness services like spas, fitness instructors, essential oil companies, etc. to bring complete experience to your residents. 

Pool Parties

Granted, these are somewhat common, but they're common because residents enjoy them so much. And with the warm summer months just over the horizon, there will soon be ample opportunities to host plenty of them. 

Consider hiring bands for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day pool parties. Serve drinks and food from popular local restaurants and let the good times roll.

Food Truck Days

Food trucks have exploded in popularity over the years. Invite three or four of the best local food trucks to your community, and give your residents a chance to socialize while sampling some truly original, local cuisine. 

This also helps build a partnership between your community and the food truck provider. Consider growing that relationship with exclusive promos and deals for your residents throughout the year. Plus, everyone loves to support local small business! 

Outdoor Movie Nights

This summer, find a suitable outdoor spot at your community – perhaps a large grassy area – pop some popcorn and show a classic movie. Residents will no doubt welcome the chance to stretch out on a blanket, visit with each other and watch a great film.

Consider having a theme for your movie series. Top movies from the 80s. Top films about summertime. Top scavenger hunt movies of all time; think Goonies, National Treasure, The Davinci Code, etc. Whatever your theme is, run with it! Have staff and residents dress up like the characters or provide inexpensive swag associated with the movie theme.

We understand that hosting community events can sometimes be challenging. Residents don’t always know about them or even RSVP for them so budgeting can be tricky. 

Community apps can make the execution of resident events much easier for onsite associates. For example, Mobile Doorman's white-labeled community apps allow staff send notifications about the upcoming events or residents can see what’s coming up on the community calendar and easily RSVP for events. And when associates have a firm handle on how many residents will be attending, it makes planning and budgeting for the events much less nerve-wracking.