Securely manage and process package deliveries through contactless package pickup in your mobile resident app and keep residents safe.

Since the early stages of COVID-19 and “stay at home” orders, package delivery providers like FedEx and UPS are experiencing significantly higher delivery volumes and demand for deliveries on essential goods since more people are choosing to purchase them online and have them delivered to their homes.

Additionally, in the age of social distancing, finding efficiencies in staff operations and resident self-service opportunities is critical to cutting down the potential for spreading COVID as well as to maintain safety precautions. In an economy where package pile-ups at multifamily communities can happen very quickly and frequently, property staff are faced with a huge dilemma: 

How can property staff efficiently manage inbound packages while also adhering to social distancing guidelines? 

Mobile resident apps, such as Mobile Doorman, allow residents to sign for packages through their phones and multifamily property managers to virtually process incoming packages. This not only improves property operations but it protects the health and safety of their residents.  

package-esignature-in-mobile-doorman-appElectronic signature for delivered resident packages


Here are a 3 reasons why property staff should manage package pickups virtually: 

  1. With Contactless Package Pickup, you’ll reduce delay from when a package arrives on-site to when a resident has their delivery in-hand through in-app package delivery notifications - ultimately reducing the package pileup at your community. 
  2. Safety is top of mind for everyone right now and is an important reason why property managers would consider a contactless package solution. With a contactless package pickup solution, you reduce in-person interactions and reduce the risk of spread at your property. 
  3. Efficiency is another big reason why contactless package pickup is a practical way to go. Managing deliveries digitally means that any packages that arrive are automatically logged in your property app’s dashboard - making it easier to track and ensuring that you have a record on file of all package pickups.

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