Giving multifamily communities flexibility and control while opening their common areas with Mobile Doorman

Buildings, parks and shops are slowly, but surely, beginning to reopen across the country. As we continue to navigate this pandemic, multifamily operators and managers are faced with the on-going challenge of reopening common areas in their communities, while ensuring the safety of their residents.

Is there a way to do this safely within multifamily communities? In the places that so many people call home?

Property managers have an obligation to safely open up the amenities their residents have come to know and love; but residents simply just want to know when their amenities will open back up and be available for use again. 

Mobile resident apps like Mobile Doorman make it easy for multifamily property staff to continue providing residents with the amenities and reservable spaces that made their property appealing in the first place, while also allowing them to closely monitor which residents are reserving and using the space at a given time to ensure safety. 

Here are three ways property staff can manage amenities and reservable spaces safely and efficiently: 

How To Manage Amenities And Reservable Spaces

Option #1: Reserving Time Slots

With your Mobile Doorman resident app, staff can allow residents to reserve and use amenity spaces such as the pool, fitness centers, or lounge areas at dedicated times. This ensures that your facilities are never over capacity during these times of social distancing. Let residents reserve their space in advance and by doing so, the need for residents to reach out and request help from a staff member is eliminated.

Option #2: Check In & Out

For spaces that require staff attendants like a community's pool or basketball court, we recommend using this approach to allow for a seamless check-in and out process for your residents. Additionally, this option also allows staff to block specific times each day for deep cleaning & sanitization. Using the Walk-Ins/Real-Time Availability feature, staff users simply need to navigate to the Reservable you're looking to clean and check out the max number of reservations. This blocks residents from trying to reserve an amenity space during these times.

Option #3: Click-to-Call

Looking for full control of resident reservations during these uncertain times? With the Click-to-Call option, property staff can market the re-opening of their amenity spaces while keeping onsite teams in total control of who is reserving amenity spaces and when they are being occupied. 

Interested to learn even more about managing amenities and resident spaces? Be sure to visit our landing page for additional insights, useful tips, or to enroll with Mobile Doorman today!