As the summer break soon coming to a close, we wanted to take a moment to feature our two fearless summer interns here in the Mobile Doorman Chicago headquarters to discuss their experiences with our purple team and recap some of their favorites moments (and lunches) this summer.

For our second feature, we sat down with Emilio Reyes. Emilio is a gifted student who came to Mobile Doorman through the Chicago Scholars program as part of their Emerge Fellowship program. In the interview, we discuss his upcoming freshman year at Stanford University, learning new skills while on the fly in a startup environment and “Emilio Day” at Mobile Doorman’s Chicago HQ.

Where do you go to school?

This fall I'll be a freshman at Stanford University.

What are you studying at school?

Mechanical and electrical engineering.

What are your plans after graduation?

Hard to say - likely graduate school.

What’s something that you’ve enjoyed while working at Mobile Doorman?

I’d say the variety of work we do on a daily basis. It’s honestly never been the same thing each and every day - outside of check processing, of course… There’s always my project that I’ve been working on for most of the summer through the Chicago Scholars program, but it’s just been fun getting to help out in the company across multiple verticals. 

Were there any new particular skills you enjoyed learning?

I really enjoyed working through photoshop - making the app icons, helping with the marketing materials, things like that… And getting to be a part of launching Mobile Doorman University. Spent a lot of time working in iMovie to create our library of video tutorials

Hard question: Who will you miss the most?

Definitely Lewis [the office’s dog]. He embodies Mobile Doorman.

What are some unique things that you learned during your internship?

Like I mentioned, learning some of the more creative design and marketing skills were interesting. Going into college this year, it’ll be great to have some of these skill- [“LEW!” abruptly yells Emilio, calling for Lewis as he ran out of the office...]

Other highlights from the summer?

  1. The work environment, loved working at a shared office space.
  2. The second week I was working at the office, the entire team came down to check out and take turns riding my modded electric bike.

Favorite food or lunch at the office?

Lunch would be bringing in Paco’s Tacos on my last day [now referred to as “Emilio Day”], or the sea salt RX Bars in the snack box.

One word to describe your summer here?

Mind-opening. I’d say eye-opening, but I learned more stuff than I saw, really. It was cool to work in my first-ever white collar work environment (although I was the only person who ever wore a white collar in the office…)