July marks itself as National Anti-Boredom Month. Because… how couldn’t it be?!

The sun is shining, our nation’s independence day is right around the corner, and most rooftops across the country are firing up the grill to enjoy the summer sunshine. When it comes to July, it’s hard to find many moments of boredom. 

For this month’s resident event inspiration, we’ll touch on a few holidays that you may have heard of before (cough, cough - 4th of July), as well as a few jubilant festivities to keep the party going all month-long (besides, it is National Hot Dog Month & National Ice--Cream Month as well…)

And as always, be sure to check out our full calendar of resident event ideas in the link below - and check back each month, as we post new ideas and full calendars throughout the year!

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July 4 - Independence Day / National BBQ Spareribs Day

It’s time to get outside, fire up the grill, and celebrate the red, white and blue. While the 4th is a time to celebrate our country’s independence, it is also a time for fun, bbqs, laughter, and exploding lights in the sky.

If your community has any time of shared rooftop or grilling space, you’re sure to have a few calls in the coming week to reserve it for Wednesday evening. Make sure to let residents know of ways they can reserve amenity using their custom mobile app, or send a message to the property about all the different areas they can watch the fireworks this year.

Also, encourage residents to sport our nation’s colors by providing flags to all units in the building, or in the main lobby!

July 15 - FIFA World Cup Final

While the US may have missed their shot at this year’s title, much of the world - including America - have gotten swept up in the festivities of the World Cup. For this year’s finale, reserve the common area (or better yet, rooftop) and invite residents to gather together & watch the game with snacks.

(*Social Tip: Encourage residents to wear the colors or jerseys of their favorite country/team and snap pictures of the best country’s turnout. Better yet, ask residents to place pins on a map of where they have relatives & post the final result on social to show just how global your community really is.)

July 21 - Nature Junk Food Day

This day is dedicated to our all-time favorite junk foods. That means summer diets are taking a back seat today - you can burn the calories off tomorrow. Sit back, relax, and pig out and enjoy!

Treat your residents to a Junk Food Buffet by creating a poll to find out what triggers your residents' ultimate cravings and guilty pleasures. Lay out a spread of pizza, chips, popcorn, or whatever savory, sours, sweets, and treats might bring happiness to their taste buds! 

July 25 - National Hot Fudge Sundae Day/National Wine and Cheese Day

On July 25, we celebrate the ultimate pairings. No, I'm not talking just about National Wine and Cheese Day. I’m talking about the ultimate pairing of pairings, National Hot Fudge on a Sundae Day. This day has something to offer connoisseurs of all ages and palates.  

Look for a deal to set up in the marketplace for a local vineyard, or wine tasting. For the younger individuals, those who aren’t wine drinkers, or those just wanting to satisfy a sweet tooth, set up an ice cream bar for the residents. Offer a variety of flavors, toppings, and encourage your residents to share their creations on your communities virtual bulletin board.

July 28 -  National Dance Day

As we mentioned, July is National Anti-Boredom Month - and that means it's time to get of the couch, get on your feet, and be active! National Dance Day offers a great opportunity for residents to put down the remote and strap on their dancing shoes.

Try and organize a dance class in your building that residents of all ages could go enjoy. Have a theatre? Show a dance movie or musical to get people in the spirit! Or, if residents aren’t in the mood to dance but still looking to get out, find local shows in the area that they would be able to go enjoy & share through your community’s app.