I know, I know - last month we said that temperatures were “finally” rising and focused our resident event ideas on some more warm-weather type activities. Admittedly our forecasting was a little off (especially here in Chicago for much of the beginning of that month).

That said, it’s June and the temperatures are ACTUALLY hot - which means residents are ready to kick their shoes off in favor of flip-flops and looking for the nearest beach/pool/ice cream stand to celebrate.

For this month’s resident event inspiration, we’ll highlight a few holidays to best capitalize on the great weather, as well as a few holidays you may not have seen coming. And as always, be sure to check out our full calendar of resident event ideas in the link below - and check back each month, as we post new ideas and full calendars throughout the year!

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June 1 - National Donut Day

Sure - indulging in a sweet pastry treat just as swimsuit season is kicking off might not sound like the most, erm, “prudent” option for those of us looking to slim down a pant-size or two, but can you REALLY blame us for not skipping such a fantastic day of the year?

Treat residents to arguably one of the world’s best treats with free donuts in the common area as commuters head off for work on Friday. Or if you’re looking to stay tight on the budget, compile a list of some of the city’s donut hotspots & those offering deals for National Donut Day (hint: Krispy Kreme is at it again with free donuts this year) and share with residents through their app that morning.

June 14 - Flag Day

While it’s an American pastime for many is to proudly fly an American flag from their front or backyard patio on June 14, for those living in apartment communities across the country, most don’t have the space to fly the red, white and blue.

This year, use a little patriotic cheer to help commemorate the adoption of the US flag more than 240 years ago by handing out mini American flags to residents that morning to bring to work or prop up in their apartments.

Feeling even more creative? Encourage residents wearing red, white and blue that day to pose for a building-wide photo to post on social!

June 15 - Nature Photography Day

Each year, June 15 is designated by the North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA) to promote the enjoyment of nature photography, and to explain how images are used to advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide.

Provide your communities’ photographers (or aspiring Instagrammers) with a shortlist of the best nearby parks and nature conservatories around the city to check out. Or, to sweeten the pot, encourage residents to post their best pics on the virtual bulletin board for a chance to be featured on the community's social page!

June 20 - National Vanilla Milkshake Day

I mean, is there anything that exemplifies June more than a tasty, cold, frothy milkshake?

June 30 - Social Media Day

For many apartment communities, finding chances to have your residents follow you on social can be few and far between. This June 30, reward residents for following & tagging your property on social! Need inspiration for ways to drive involvement? Provide incentives. 

Have an onsite amenity that requires payment to use, or do you have a nearby sandwich shop that has gift cards? Ask residents to follow the community on social and tag them in a photo on June 30 for a chance to win one of these or similar incentives. Because there’s no better day to promote your building’s brand on social than Social Media Day, right?

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