In the third entry of Webster’s dictionary under the word “convenience,” the following definition is provided: something (such as a device) that makes you more comfortable or allows you to do things more easily.

Until recently, that device was a computer. Increasingly, however, that device is a smartphone. And more specifically, that device is an app on a smartphone.

Convenience = Mobile

The most convenient place for online access for young people is their phone. One study found that in just one year (2012 to 2013), the number of people aged 18-29 who use their cell phones to go online went up ten percentage points from 75% to 85%! Furthermore, half this group uses its smartphones as the primary device for going online. If you want to engage with them, their phone is the best place to do it.

Greater Convenience = App on Mobile Device

Being mobile today means offering unique applications for users’ smartphones. Research at Purdue University reported that 70% of students find apps on a smartphone are easier to use for virtually every task than using the web browser on the phone. If you want to engage meaningfully with them, an app on their phone is the best place to do it.

Why does this matter?

These young adults are the people who are and will be moving into premium real estate across the country. Having a web portal built in 2008 is not a convenience for this group. To earn and retain their business, you need to provide the convenience they expect. To communicate effectively with these people you need to reach them on their phones. Having a smartphone app in conjunction with your business is a good start.