Mobile Doorman apps help Pinnacle optimize its online payments and maintenance requests - making life easier for Residents and Associates alike.

To put it simply, resident apps powered by Mobile Doorman have made life so much easier for residents and associates alike at the Pinnacle apartment communities under the supervision of Shannon Gammie. To be more specific, the apps increased online payments by 50 percent and reduced in-person maintenance requests by 70 percent

Before the launch of the apps, the first of the week used to be dreadful. That's when residents would slam the leasing office in unrelenting waves to pay their rent. 

"There would usually be people lined out the door to make their payments," says Gammie, a regional property manager for Pinnacle Property Management Services. "The staff, who already have a lot of other things to worry about, would get overwhelmed. It would cause a lot of stress."

The stress wasn't limited to the associates. Many residents had to be at work when leasing offices were open, which limited their ability to make timely payments. 

"They were always calling and saying, 'I'll be there. I just got off work. Can you stay open a little later? I'll get my money order and come on down. Please, please stay open. I don't want to get any late fees,'" Gammie recalls.

These days, the cortisol levels in Gammie's portfolio, which consists of Class A, B and C properties in Nevada, are significantly lower. That's because the majority of her properties now offer white-labeled, customized mobile community apps powered by Mobile Doorman to their residents.

Among the primary benefits: many residents are using the app to pay their rent instead of making their payments in person. In fact, whereas before less than 40 percent of Gammie's residents were paying their rent online through a traditional resident portal, that number has reached as high as 90 percent since the implementation of the Mobile Doorman apps.

"The apps have made that first week of the month much easier for our teams, freeing them up to do other things," Gammie says. "Plus, it's made things much less stressful for our residents as well by giving them greater flexibility in making their payments."

Multiple Benefits

Gammie says she sought out Mobile Doorman after realizing she needed to provide residents with a community-branded and efficient way to pay their rent without visiting the leasing office. 

Residents did have access to an online payment system, but many of the renters in her communities are working-class families who don't own a laptop or other computer, according to Gammie. But they do have smartphones, and that drew her to Mobile Doorman's apps.

"The fact that the apps are so easy-to-use, they have the community logos, and my residents all have smartphones – it was kind of a no-brainer for me to implement it," Gammie says.

The apps quickly solved a serious pain point for residents and staff alike by addressing the online payment issue, but the benefits didn't stop there.

Gammie's communities have gained real operational efficiencies from the fact that residents can use their apps to manage their apartment living, namely in the process of placing work orders. 

"Before, I would say that 90 percent of our work orders were placed by residents either calling into or visiting the office," she says. "Now we have about 70 percent of the service requests coming through the apps.

"Again, it really helps our onsite staff because instead of being tied up on the phone with residents taking their work orders, our associates have more time to devote to leads and other responsibilities," Gammie says. "And for the residents, it's a better experience because they can provide as much detail, including photos, as they want about what their problem is and they know that information will make it to the service team."

Another significant benefit experienced by Pinnacle communities stems from the move-in experience the apps provide. Specifically, residents can make updates to their move-in inspection forms for up to five days after they take possession of their apartment homes.

"Sometimes the resident is rushed when they move in, and consequently you would do kind of a cursory walk-through," Gammie notes. "With Mobile Doorman, if they notice things right after they've started living there, we can make sure those are noted on the forms. This helps prevent tension and misunderstanding at move-out. Now they really have a good chance to make note of any issues from the beginning."

A Hearty Thumbs Up

Gammie says she wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mobile Doorman apps to other operators.

"They've had an extremely beneficial impact on our operations," she says. "I went from having the lowest percentage of online rent payments in our company to the highest very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly our residents embraced it. From rent payments to work orders and move-in inspections, it's created great experiences for our renters and associates alike."

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