How to efficiently manage apartment maintenance requests during the pandemic while following social distancing guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly forced property owners and operators to rethink their approach to all facets of property management - especially in-person maintenance requests.

Maintenance Requests, especially urgent ones, continue to pile up. Additionally, the demand for unit maintenance doesn't get put on pause just because of a pandemic, so offering maintenance assistance to residents has become even trickier as a result.

With mobile resident apps like Mobile Doorman, it’s easier than ever for you - the property manager - and maintenance teams to organize contactless maintenance assistance while also sending communication on changing maintenance processes to residents.

Here are two great tips you should follow to manage maintenance requests while practicing social distancing:

Use Virtual Maintenance Assistance via your Mobile Resident App


Using an in-app Online Event integration, you can set up virtual maintenance assistance hours that are reservable by your residents via your resident app. During your Virtual Maintenance Assistance appointments, you can provide fixes for simple maintenance issues and determine if a request requires emergency repairs.

By allowing residents to reserve a dedicated time slot to virtually meet with your maintenance team from their mobile devices, you’ll continue to provide excellent service to residents.

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Create a Maintenance Request Content Tile To Share Quick Updates


Unlock the power of your custom Content Tiles by proactively sharing updates on Maintenance Request procedures in the time of COVID and social distancing.

You can place your new tile right at the front of your mobile app's list of Content Tiles so it’s the first thing residents see when they open the app. 

Push out information to residents on items such as:

  • The current process for filing and fixing maintenance requests.
  • What’s changed and how is it different than before?
  • How residents can request 1:1 virtual maintenance request assistance.
  • DIY fixes for smaller maintenance issues.
  • Links to issue diagnosis videos.

Want to learn how? 

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