As the summer crosses its midpoint, we wanted to take a moment to feature our two fearless summer interns here in the Mobile Doorman Chicago headquarters to discuss their experiences with our purple team and recap some of their favorites moments (and lunches) this summer.

For today’s first feature, we sit down with Mark Dykstra to talk about his aspirations past graduation next year, applications of his education during his internship, and budding relationship with our office dog Lewis.

Where do you go to school?

I am going to be a Senior at Indiana University next year.

What are you studying at school?

I’m currently working towards a degree in management & finance.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’d love to come back to Chicago and find something in finance. I’ve always been interested in private wealth.

What’s something that you’ve enjoyed while working at Mobile Doorman?

It’s just nice to have everyone in the same room together, working towards a common goal. Everyone gets together well, and overall the culture is great - which allows for work to get done more efficiently than at a large or spread-out office, in my opinion. It just makes you want to work more collaboratively with the team. 

What are some unique things that you learned during your internship?

I think first off, just understanding what it takes to grow a business and the mentality you have to have each and every day. It’s a lot different than a company with thousands of employees that’s been around for decades, where you’re sort of placed into a uniform system where it’s like “This is what you do, and this is how you do it,” whereas here you’re adapting to the needs of each day.

Additionally, it’s been great to watch and learn how the entire process of Mobile Doorman works on a daily basis. When I started at the company, Donald and Will from our team explained that no day is really the same, and everyone's’ roles fluctuate based on the needs of the team that day, week or month - which has been great exposure for me.

Other highlights from the summer?

  1. Fostering a lifelong bond with Lewis, the office dog
  2. Watching not only the business grow, but the office grow itself. When I started we (the five of us) were jammed into a four-person coworking space, before shifting to the bright, wide-open new office space. It’s definitely been cool being a part of that growth - alongside the growth of the company as well.
  3. Just understanding the product on a more holistic level. It’s been great to work inside the back-end of the product and help new buildings’ apps come to life.

Favorite lunch spot near the office?

Nando’s Peri Peri

One word to describe your summer here?

Do hyphenated words count? Eye-opening