Time to put away the raincoats, or for some of us in colder climates, time to put away the winter coats. May has arrived!

Flowers are in bloom, sun is staying out far past 7pm and spring is in full force. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the upswing in weather brings with it a boost in resident morale. What better time to get your community together to celebrate the change in seasons than now? 

For this month’s resident event inspiration, we’ll take a look at some of the best days to celebrate across the month of May and easy ideas for bringing your community together. Whether its an engaging rooftop event or a small note of your appreciation for your community, May is the perfect month to gather the residents as the temperature rises.

As always, be sure to check out our full calendar of resident event ideas in the link below - and check back each month, as we post new ideas and full calendars throughout the year.

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May 1 - May Day

May Day is born from an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival, and celebrated as a traditional spring holiday here in the states. But while growing up, May Day meant one thing to me: Flower deliveries. We’d load up our Radio Flyer with little flower pots and drop daisies at every one of our neighbors front door to spread a little spring fever across the neighborhood.

Welcome residents into the spring season by potting little plants and leaving them at residents’ front doors, or have them waiting in the front lobby for residents to pick up on their way home from work that day. Not only will it raise the spring spirits of your community, but it’ll make your building smell great!

May 18 - National Pizza Party Day

Well this is just self-explanatory. But why not get a little creative? Use your custom apartment app to call for submissions for the best local pizza to order for your community’s pizza party.

Not having a pizza party this year, but residents still in the mood for some ‘za? Remind residents that if they’re ordering pizza to their unit to utilize the Guest/Delivery feature on their apartment app.

May 21 - American Red Cross Founder’s Day

The American Red Cross’s mission is to help those in need following natural disasters. Following a treacherous 2017 that saw massive flooding in the south, and a 2018 spring enduring storms brought on by the change in temperature, the American Red Cross can always use help.

For this year’s American Red Cross Founder’s Day, organize efforts within your community to contribute to a great cause. Use resources on RedCross.org to find local blood drives or host your own on May 21. Or enroll eager residents into the Red Cross’s Sound the Alarm program, helping to install 100,000 free smoke alarms in high risk neighborhoods nationwide, during the first half of May.

May 28 - Memorial Day / National Burger Day

A familiar holiday for most buildings, Memorial Day signifies the opening of many outdoor amenity spaces across the country. Predictably, May 28 also celebrates National Burger Day, so why not blend two of the best parts of summertime (burgers and grills) to give residents a great way to step into summertime weather? Kick off the start of summer with a building-wide cookout, hosted on your community’s rooftop grills or at a nearby open field. 

And be sure to utilize your custom apartment app to notify residents of hour changes or the opening of new amenity spaces!

Download Your Free May Event Calendar