As part of our ongoing #MDTravels series this month, this week we feature the Atlanta-native Casey Smallwood to hear about his adventures in the Music City, from visiting current Mobile Doorman partner buildings to hitting the lanes for a happy hour in downtown Nashville.  

What made your decision to visit Nashville?

With current partners such as Olmsted Nashville, The Factory at Garco Park and Century Providence - plus a wide swath of management companies - all located within Nashville, it seemed like a great opportunity to visit for the week. Plus, far be it from me to turn down a chance to check out the Music City!

During your time in-town, who did you meet with?

Lemme tell ya, it was a busy trip... 

One highlight of the trip was visiting the onsite team for one of our higher performing buildings, Olmsted Nashville, where I had a chance to chat with the community’s Property Manager, Allison McCrary, and her team. Allison also gave me a tour around the beautiful building community and provided some great feedback on the app itself.

The rest of my work hours were spent hopping around the city, visiting the corporate offices of Lincoln Property Company, Greystar, Freeman Webb, Carter-Haston, among a large handful of others. I also had the chance to check out the beautiful 505 Nashville building, a Lincoln apartment community.

The trip was capped off with a happy hour we set up at Pinewood Social for some bowling with friends at CF Lane, Greystar & Freeman Webb. My score may not have been anything to write home about, but the food and company couldn’t be beat.

Meeting with the Olmsted Nashville team!

Sounds productive! What were some big takeaways you had from your meetings?

The collective feedback from those I met with agreed that the app was a great, streamlined way to handle maintenance requests. Following our meeting, Allison at Olmsted sent me a note saying, “We love the app! It is not only convenient for our residents to submit a work order using their phone, which allows them to snap a pic too, but also conveniently sends the team an email with the work order!"

Allison also highlighted a uniquely-awesome story about how their building app helps a visually-impaired resident to stay in-the-know about building announcements, citing the user-friendly and descriptive nature of the app.

Properties also enjoyed their tile features, allowing them to collate miscellaneous info about the building to save on basic questions. All-in-all, nothing but great feedback from our partners.

How about some of your favorite hot spots around town?

Oh man… Music, scenery, fireworks, bowling, you name it. And the food! Had a veal chop at Merchants that was not one to forget.

Aside from the week’s meetings, I had the chance to drive past Lookout Mountain on my way in/out of Nashville. I was also able to stop by The Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as witness a pretty fantastic firework show over the Cumberland River. I heard rumblings the fireworks were for an event at the Tennessee Titans stadium featuring Florida Georgia Line, but I’m still convinced they had my trip in mind when setting up the display...  

Fireworks above the Cumberland River

If you could sum up the trip in one sentence, what would it be?

Amazing city with a passionate multifamily community.

Be on the lookout next week as we feature another memorable trip from Mobile Doorman’s inaugural #MDTravels week!

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