Axiometrics wrote an interesting post today about “microunits” in US urban cores. The main point is that the number of small apartment units being built in city centers all over the country is on the rise. These units are targeted at people who with active lifestyles who use their residence to sleep and not much else.

Smaller homes, as Axiometrics points out, means fewer appliances. The obvious hypothesis is that local services will become even more necessary and important to urban residents than they are currently.

As this trend continues there is an obvious winner: local services. More people doing less at home means more people doing more outside the home. Whether it’s dining, laundry, watching TV or movies, exercising, socializing, or any number of other activities, fewer and fewer people are going to do these at home.

Local services need to be prepared with the right service offering by understanding what else besides sleep these residents can and want to do at home – which may be nothing at all! Local services will also need to be able to reach these citizens with increasingly active lifestyles. This will require partnering with strong distribution networks that have access to these residents and smart communications by the services.

Local service providers, the message is clear: think about how you’re going to serve and find these consumers now.