On average, residents view their Mobile Doorman app screens 36 times per month

Stats refer to performance of top 15 percent of live apps, based on number of users, as of December 2018

Data suggests that today’s consumer is rapidly moving away from in-person communication to handle their day-to-day needs, and that includes their apartment management. In 2018, Mobile Doorman app users averaged 36 screens viewed per month on their custom resident apps. When considering almost half of consumers increased their mobile banking usage in 2018 and total sessions in travel/navigation apps also increased 50% between 2016-2018, it’s easy to conclude that consumers are leaning on mobile to manage their personal lives.

“Our team has always judged the success of our apps based on if residents are truly using and enjoying our product,” said Kara Bubb, Vice President of Product for Mobile Doorman. “We’re thrilled to see a continuing increase in the total number of residents using their custom apps and, perhaps more importantly, how often they’re using our product.”

The uptick in resident usage of Mobile Doorman apps in 2018 also represents a 326 percent increase in the number of daily app users in the same time span, as well as a 583 percent increase in daily staff users, further exemplifying the rising popularity of our series of custom resident apps.

“Internally, when we take a closer look into the most popular features used across our portfolio of apps, we see a deeper example of how important experiences are for residents,” said Bob Matteson, co-founder and CEO of Mobile Doorman. “The data shows residents are seeking more ways to interact with their fellow renters, the community and the neighborhood at large. Mobile Doorman is answering that need.” 

 Today’s news comes on the heels of a historic year for the company, as Mobile Doorman increased its total units served in 2018 to more than 300,000 apartment homes nationwide. 

For more examples of how our partners are enjoying their custom resident apps, check out some of our latest case studies. Interested in employing Mobile Doorman at your community? Send us a note at hello@mobiledoorman.com to set up a demo today.