The Moment apartment community in Chicago turned to Mobile Doorman to better manage onsite events. The property is now awash in other benefits as well.

The onsite staff at Moment, a glistening 45-story apartment tower in Chicago’s Streeterville area, pours a considerable amount of energy each month into onsite events. 

Tracy Ruff, Moment’s property manager, sees activities such as yoga, cooking and cocktail-mixing classes as a crucial component of a first-class resident experience. Therefore, she and her team are dedicated to working hard to plan and execute these events. 

But they also want to be efficient in these efforts – and until this summer that wasn’t always the case. 

“We were promoting our events and tracking RSVPs by email,” Ruff says. “Doing email blasts could be time-consuming, and then we would get a bunch of individual emails back saying ‘Yes, I’ll go.’ Now my inbox is getting flooded with RSVPs that we’re trying to record manually. That can be cumbersome and lead to costly headcount errors.” 

Ruff’s search for an easy-to-manage event communication and reservation system compelled her to consider a customized community app from Mobile Doorman. When she began looking at the app, she realized it could benefit Moment in many ways, from allowing residents to place work orders and pay their rent on their phones to providing them with the means to more easily communicate with staff and with each other.

"We just saw the app from Mobile Doorman as a way to really enhance a number of processes,” Ruff said. “We became convinced it would really help both our staff and our residents. It was clear it would be a great fit.” 

The App in Action

Moment began offering the customized app from Mobile Doorman on Aug. 1, and, as of mid October, residents in 60 percent of the units had downloaded it. 

The impact on both staff and residents has been immediate, according to Ruff. 

For starters, it’s now noticeably easier for associates to promote and track headcount for resident events, she says. The app feature that allows renters to quickly RSVP for community activities also makes it a snap for them to reserve common-area amenities for private events.

“The app has really produced some welcome efficiencies when it comes to community events and reservations,” Ruff says. 

The Bulletin Board component of the app, which allows residents to post messages and efficiently communicate with each other, has been an appreciated addition as well, Ruff notes. 

“We get tons of postings,” she says. “Many are from residents who have some items for sale, but we’ve also seen residents really connecting with each other socially. They plan their own events, and one woman recently used the forum to get a book club started. It’s heartening to see them make these connections with each other.” 

The app continues to be an unparalleled service to Moment. The convenience and time saved for both the staff and residents is realized in multiple areas for the community, particularly around empowering residents with a more proactive means to get information they want. Through the app, information and functionality is at their fingertips. 

“The 411 functionality has proven to be a strong feature for the community,” said Ruff. “It offers easily accessible information about everything a resident would need to know about living at Moment. Everything from Wi-Fi passwords, renewal processes, rules and policies, and more. It’s a quick reference for residents that saves our staff time in answering phone calls and emails. Talk about a win-win.” 

Moment experiences similar benefits with the Guest/Authorized Entrants feature of the app. Residents can now add these permissions with a few clicks of a button. They don’t have to come by to fill out a manual form and the Moment front desk staff doesn’t have to keep track of these forms or call every single resident when a guest arrives. 

Among the host of other benefits of the Mobile Doorman app is the fact that Moment staffers have used it to upload owner’s manuals for the appliances in the units. “If they’re in need of some quick information or troubleshooting, they can go right into that feature and look at the manuals,” Ruff notes. “They really appreciate that.” 

Finally, the Marketplace feature, which allows Moment to list and promote its partnerships with local businesses, has had an important impact. 

“This lets our residents quickly and easily see the exclusive discounts and offers that our partners are offering them,” Ruff says. “Through the app, our renters can easily redeem the offers, and it also enables us to track which deals our residents are using. This tracking gives us a good gauge into how the partnerships are working.”

A Nice Bragging Point

The Moment community app offers some advantages when it comes to marketing to prospects.

“It sets us apart from the competition,” Ruff says. “We don’t find our competitors using this, so it’s definitely a nice selling point for us. I recently contacted our marketing department about putting together a list of the value-added amenities we offer, and our app was included prominently on that.”

The app also features in the conversation when prospects are touring the community. “The entire team has the app on their phones and when they’re with a prospect onsite, it’s a great selling tool,” Ruff says. “We’re able to show them the app, and say, ‘Look at the events tile, and look at all the events we have. Look at these other features. Here’s all this information in this app.’ It’s been great.

“We can tell prospects about the app, ‘If you move in with us, these are all the services you’ll have. You can communicate with us. You can easily see and RSVP for all of our events,’” she adds. “And on and on. It’s another effective way to set ourselves apart from the competition.”

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