We’re always really excited when a customer first launches their custom Mobile Doorman app; and when they launch with exceptional resident adoption right out of the gate, we get downright giddy! 

Southern Pine Apartment Homes, a 239-unit luxury lease-up located in Virginia Beach, launched their white-label app in December of 2016. Check out the amazing engagement stats they’ve seen in less than a year:

  • 65% of residents have downloaded the app; and 86% of them use the app on a weekly basis
  • Messages: average 82% open rate on messages from management sent via the app  (that’s double the industry average!)
  • Maintenance requests: 217 of 239 units have opened more than one request via the app YTD (and, of course, these requests integrate with their property management software)
  • Amenity Space reservations: 1,247 reservations YTD, made by 232 residents (that’s 5.4 reservations per resident!) – 
    • 917 reservations for the bowling alley
    • 158 reservations for the sports media center
    • 164 reservations for the grill areas
    • 60% of units have booked a space!
  • Calendar: All of these reservations appear in the amenity calendar view feature, making it simple for management to see the scheduling for the entire community