Jessica. Gabrielle. Anthony. Claudia. Gina. These are some of the property managers with whom we work. They’re all amazing people who put everything into making sure their properties run smoothly and offer a fantastic environment for residents.

These property managers and many, many more also have something else in common: their email addresses give no indication of their name. This past week we were preparing an update to all our current customers and as we were going through the list we noticed that many of the managers have emails along the lines of manager [at] property [dot] com.

Given the high-touch nature of the position it seems strange that companies would not encourage managers to have their own email addresses. Managers are the face of the property and are constantly in communication with residents. Additionally, in many cases, when an email arrives, the manager’s name is not even in the preview. To the receiver this feels cold and bureaucratic, which is the opposite of how many properties market themselves.

We’re sure there are some compelling reasons for this setup. Certainly it makes recall easier for residents (and vendors). It makes transitioning the communication history easier when a new manager comes on board. And we understand it for the leasing side of the house when having the property name as the email makes it easier for prospects.

Nevertheless, property managers are responsible for overseeing seven-figure budgets and the happiness and safety of hundreds of people. What other multimillion dollar companies’ managers don’t have personalized email addresses? Maybe the idea is to make sure everything is about the property. But what would the property be without the people?