With turnover rates as high as 60% in some parts of the country, finding ways to increase retention is top of mind with operators seeking to improve NOI. All the usual suspects contribute: curb appeal, friendly staff, great maintenance, cool amenities and ease of everything.

It’s certainly not a new concept that creating a sense of community with your residents also has a direct impact on retention and tenure. A great deal of thought and effort go into planning those wine tastings, holiday parties, game nights and “what’s up” communications. But all the planning in the world is a big bust if three people show up – ugh!
Our take on creating community is that it’s all about convenience – for you and your residents. That all starts with communication (what doesn’t?) in ways that engage your residents. For most of us, that has become all things mobile; good or bad, our smart phones have become an extension of who we are and how we connect to . . . well, everything!

Here’s a stat to ponder: 90% of the nearly 4 hours we each spend looking at our phones each day is on apps. Here’s another: the five most popular apps in the U.S. (ranked by average monthly unique visitors) are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, GoogleMaps, and Google Search. In case you didn’t catch that, the first two are all about connecting and communicating, “creating community” on a macro level.

Soooo . . . if you aren’t communicating with your residents with an enormous focus on mobile, particularly via an app, you are likely missing the boat.

Whether you look to Mobile Doorman or another resource for your customized app, we encourage you to take the first steps in not only engaging your residents with your community, but also utilizing the platform to help them engage with each other.