We recently attended the Marcus & Millichap Multifamily Forum and heard many property managers and developers describe one of the biggest problems they have at their buildings: managing packages. For example, Steve Fifield of Fifield Realty commented that packages are such a problem that some properties are including a clause in leases that allows staff to enter units to drop off packages. Is this really efficient?

Compounding the package problem is that data about package management is lacking. At best, anecdotal evidence is cited as a benchmark. Forum panel moderator Steve Boyack of The Laramar Group did note that one ~250 unit building is expecting eleven thousand packages this year, however, neither the panelists nor prolonged searches on the Internet provided any data about how packages impact buildings’ efficiency.

So there are two problems: 1) managers want to offload packages more quickly but 2) have no data about how long packages actually sit there.


After one thousand packages delivered to the two newest buildings using the Mobile Doorman app 93% were picked up and signed for by residents within 24 hours of arrival. The overwhelming majority of these were picked up the same day they arrived. Interestingly, residents who received package notifications via the app picked up their parcels 40% faster on average than those who got alerts via email only.

Packages data

Our inclination is to believe this is fast package distribution. But maybe not – there’s no existing data to compare against! The managers at each building will have to decide what good performance means, and eventually, as the amount of data grows, industry standards will develop. The important thing is that property managers finally have data about all those packages sitting by the front desk and can quantify just how big a problem they are.