Across the country this week, many Americans are bracing themselves for the return of sunshine, shorts and sunglasses. A warm spell has many of us in the summertime mood, even if it's only for a few days. 

With the rising temperatures means a rise in residents wanting to ditch the couch for spring cleaning and outdoor time this weekend. Here are some easy ways that you can help make sure it's a fun AND productive one:

Spring Cleaning Translates to Spring Donating

Each year, spring cleaning is a great excuse to finally give that closet a much-needed rearranging or that cupboard a thorough cleansing, thanks to the warmer weather giving us all a little added pep in our step. Why not give residents the tools to do good while cleaning out their apartments after a long winter? 

Ahead of the weekend, create a content tile in your apartment app that lists the location of your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or other donation facilities. Better yet, organize a seasonal non-perishable food drive over the weekend to help those residents that might not be as gung-ho about spring cleaning a good reason to get off the couch.

Prep Your Common Areas

Warmer temperatures plus more sunlight equals a happier group of residents (source: science). Along with the rise in moods, the rise in temperatures will also see a rise in residents looking to take advantage of the good vibes amongst friends. While most pool decks or outdoor areas might not be opening until Memorial Day, make sure your common areas are prepped and reservable for residents ahead of the weekend. Using your custom apartment app from Mobile Doorman, you can also make your amenity areas a reservable space via the app itself. And make sure to update any accompanying visuals for each space if they received a facelift over the winter!

Service A/C Units

Sure, most residents will probably take this weekend as a chance to cool off with some good ol' fashioned open windows and fresh air, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep an eye toward the future. Servicing a unit's A/C during the summer, or worse during a heat wave, can put a heavy tax on your onsite maintenance staff - or a costly visit from your offsite team. 

Work with staff to check units throughout the building over the next few weeks to ensure things are working properly as residents begin to turn their A/C back on, or send a message to residents using your apartment app asking them to report any issues that occur during any days that might be unseasonably warm.

Refreshing Residents Patios (and Your Facade!)

Thanks to a wicked winter for many Americans, residents with patios are likely to return to a deck that's seen its fair share of wear from the cold temperatures. Use your custom apartment app to share some tips on how to restore their patios, including fun things like a local florist to get some greenery back outside.

Remember: While spring cleaning might be a great way to keep residents' interiors looking great, patios are the one external-facing element that you rely on residents to maintain and ensure your community retains its attractive curb appeal. Giving residents some helpful tips not only helps them, but makes your building look great to prospective renters this summer!