How can SSO benefit property managers who are looking for a mobile resident app?

Now that more organizations have moved to applications powered in the cloud, users expect a more seamless experience and transition between the applications they use daily - regardless of what kind of device they’re using. Since many larger businesses have tons of applications they use, trying to manage them all can be a daunting and straining task, especially for IT departments. 

SSO or Single Sign-On is a single-point method of authenticating and granting application access to a user - meaning that users can access multiple applications through a single login.

Without SSO, a user has to enter a separate password for every one of their business’s applications. This is not only stressful for the user, but not having SSO can also result in unnecessary bottlenecks created from forgetting a password or getting locked out of an application.. 

This same technology has been applied to the Mobile Doorman Dashboard in order to create a more seamless user experience between your email service provider, your CRM, and much more. 

So why is SSO beneficial and why will it ultimately help you?

Well, the benefits of single sign-on start with streamlining user and password management for you and your staff through our all-in-one, cloud-based property management tool.

SSO means less time spent stressing over your login password, and more time staying connected with your residents.

Here are 4 ways SSO will benefit you: 

Single sign on reduces the need for multiple passwords

  • Remembering one password instead of many makes everyone's lives easier. Single sign-on gives users the ability to connect a new application with an existing program's login credentials: eliminating the need to create another password. Additionally, SSO gives users a greater incentive for coming up with stronger passwords.

Simplifies username management

  • Single sign-on is all about simplifying user access while maintaining great security. When personnel changes take place, SSO reduces labor hours, costs, and stress for IT teams as well as property staff who don't want to deal with the hassle of remembering another set of logins.

Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication

  • Companies can strengthen security through SSO with techniques such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) which helps ensure that the right user is getting access and keeps passwords properly secure.

Forgotten passwords will no longer slow you down 

  • For those urgent situations when you need to get in touch with residents at a moment's notice, having SSO integrated with your Dashboard can save you valuable time that you might otherwise use up trying to log in to your Dashboard or remember your credentials.

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