More than 600 attendees of the Apartment Innovation and Marketing (AIM) Conference, held in Huntington Beach, Calif., May 5-8, were on the hunt for cutting-edge and thought-provoking educational content. And while powerhouse speakers delivered the content goods, Mobile Doorman brought the intrigue and even more excitement and fun to sunny Hunt-ing-ton Beach.  

As the Official App Sponsor of the conference, we launched the first-ever Mobile Doorman ScAPPenger Hunt. The three-day hunt combined mobile app technology and keen critical thinking as hunters had to decipher clues and complete tasks leveraging both the AIM conference app and Mobile Doorman Demo App to compete for one of two grand prizes. 

Let’s tap into your Goonies, DaVinci Code and Dr. Jones treasure hunting skills to see if you had what it took to complete the Mobile Doorman ScAPPenger Hunt:

  • Hint #1: Teamwork makes the dream work but a picture is worth a thousand words. Get to know these faces and adjust the APP-erture on your camera phone. 
  • Hint #2: Johnny Cash was wrong. The ring of fire is not burning. But a simple request can change the picture. 
  • Hint #3: Remember, seeking victory preserves your spot in the front of the Mobile Doorman ScAPPenger Hunt.
  • The Prize Hint: The sum of the two equals a millennium. Its contents, from A to Z, can arrive at your door in hyper-speed, but a falcon it is not. 

The clock is ticking…

Task #1: Take a selfie with a Mobile Doorman team member and post to the Demo App bullet board

Task #2Take a photo of the firepit and post a maintenance request in the Mobile Doorman demo app

Task #3: RSVP for the ScAPPenger Hunt in the Mobile Doorman Demo app 

The Prizes: Two $500 Amazon Gift Cards


We're happy to report that we witnessed a great turnout for our inaugural digital ScAPPenger Hunt, with attendees eagerly deciphering clues and completing tasks throughout the week. But a huge congratulations goes out to our Grand Prize Winners!!!

M&Ms sure making a winning combination and The stars were definitely in her court!

Now you really didn’t think we would end our ScAPPenger Hunt without a couple more hints to decipher?! 

But seriously, big congratulations to Michelle Moriello of WinnResidential and Courtney Patterson of Greystar for completing all 3 tasks and for being the winners of the First Annual Mobile Doorman ScAppenger Hunt! 

Thanks to all who participated – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!