It’s no secret that here at Mobile Doorman – our pets are part of the team. They provide unconditional love at all times (really nice in the “I’m-not-feeling-the-love-today” world of sales), comedic relief, and even the occasional inspiration – like this blog, for example.

Did you know that we spent nearly $63 billion on our pets in 2016? Dogs edge out cats in number of households, while cats take the top spot for overall number of pets (we didn’t include the real number one, freshwater fish – I mean, seriously?).

For the first time in 2015, Millennials edged out Baby Boomers in number of people with pets, 35.2% compared to 32.8%. GfK Research and the APPA (American Pet Product Association) pet-owning Millennials also shop differently. They agree that millennials:

  • Like to try the latest technology and new products/services
  • Like customization
  • Spend more on the pets themselves as well as on veterinary care and pet services
  • Are not brand loyal
  • Are highly likely to use social media to connect with brands, research products and services, and read and post reviews and ratings;
  • Seek the advice of others, especially family and friends (often through social media), before making a purchase
  • Are more likely to participate in the “shared economy” (using services such as Uber for transportation or Airbnb for travel lodging)
  • Buy brands and products that reflect their lifestyle or are consistent with the image they want to convey
  • Purchase brands that support a cause they care about, either social or environmental

Which brings us back around to yet another reason it’s so important for your community to take advantage of a mobile connectedness platform like Mobile Doorman. Aside from the usual benefits of allowing your residents to easily communicate with you via their mobile devices (which they use for everything these days), you can also create cool forums to get your pet moms and dads talking to each other, making play dates and creating community.