Between March Madness, baseball’s opening day, the NBA & NHL regular seasons and Champions  League soccer, it’s hard to argue against this March as one of the best months for sports in the entire year.

With the rise in popularity of bracketology in the US (70 million brackets were filled out in 2017, that’s more than one bracket per five people in the US!), it only makes sense for your community to set up a bracket challenge pool for residents. Sites like ESPN, Yahoo and CBS Sports all provide great options for setting up your tournament this year. But providing timely communication about joining the building’s challenge in the limited days available before the tournament starts or typing out a long invite URL can make using paper flyers close to impossible.

Today, we’ll show you how you can use your Mobile Doorman custom resident app to get your residents in the basketball spirit and engage in a community-wide Bracket Challenge in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Create your March Madness Bracket Challenge using one of the many online providers offering them this year (we’ll use ESPN for this example). (*Note: Brackets cannot be created until March 17 and must be completed by March 21)

Step 2: Once created, locate the shareable link that allows others to join the Group (using ESPN, you can locate this under the “Invite Friends” section)

Step 3: Login to your Mobile Doorman Dashboard and select on “Content Tiles” within the left-hand toolbar. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “+ Add a Tile” 

Step 4: Create a URL content tile using the shareable link from the bracket, make sure “Visible in mobile app?” is checked and click “Create Content Tile”. Include informative and engaging copy/image to encourage residents to participate! 

Step 5: Click on “Messages” in the left-hand toolbar, then click “Compose” in the top right corner of your screen. 

Step 6: Send an all-building message encouraging residents to join the bracket challenge! Type the name of your building in the Recipients field and attach the new Content Tile you created.

And just like that, you're set! 

Residents feel like they’re in the dark when trying to choose their teams? Analytical sites such as FiveThirtyEight and give hardcore basketball fans all the stats they need when filling out their brackets, otherwise, most bracket challenge sites give quick snapshots of each school - including mascots - to make picking brackets easier than ever.

Looking for other ways to use your custom resident app? Visit our FAQs page for video tutorials and how-to step-by-step instructions for using some of our app features. Simply have questions or ideas you want to talk through with our team? Send a note to today.