I truly love January.

It's a great time of year to sit outside (in Florida, of course) and savor a glass – or two – of my favorite wine. Perhaps even more importantly, time to work on my golf swing while much of the rest of the country battles the snow and frigid temperatures that accompany the winter season!

This January, though, I'm especially happy.

That's because 2018 has been so wildly successful for Mobile Doorman. Years from now, when we look back at the history of this company, we may consider 2018 the moment when Mobile Doorman truly arrived.

Just what am I talking about? Consider these:

  • Our custom-branded resident apps now serve a total of 300,000 apartment homes across the United States. That figure represents a whopping 800 percent increase from the end of 2017 and a more than 1,500 percent jump from the conclusion of 2016.
  • That growth has included considerable inroads into the portfolios of Greystar, Lincoln Property Co., Pinnacle, Alliance and FPI Management – the five biggest apartment management companies in the U.S. 
  • Pegasus Residential is in the process of rolling out our apps across 19,660 units. That's the biggest new client deal in our history!
  • In 2018 alone, we added 25 new team members, representing a 400+ percent increase in the number of our full-time employees.
  • This past summer, we closed on a $2 million Series A funding round from Chicago-based Reimagined Ventures, an investment arm of the Alec Litowitz family office. 
  • Mobile Doorman was named a Top Tech Finalist for the 2018 MetaProp Awards 
  • To support our accelerated growth, we announced in late 2018 our first-ever in-house app technology division and second office, Mobile Doorman North, located in Madison, Wis. The addition was made in large part to provide more technical support to our clients and a suite of all-new product features in 2019.
  • And we have built technologically focused partnerships as well, including new integrations with the popular property management system ResMan and payments platform ClickPay. We also announced 2019 integrations with ButterflyMX, a cutting-edge smartphone intercom platform, and smart-home tech provider IOTAS

This newsletter will have more on these news items. But before you dive into the rest of the content here, I just want to say how proud I am of this company and its achievements.

Thanks to your efforts and support, the apartment industry is realizing the powerful benefits of custom-branded mobile apps. And they're realizing that no one does these apps better than Mobile Doorman.

With all that in mind, I'm raising a glass to all we've done in 2018 and to all we'll do in the future!



Our Latest & Greatest 

Residents want the simple life driven by technology. “Knowing that more than 90 percent of residents value convenience when considering their apartment living experience and as 65 percent look for ways to make their lives easier, we are confident this partnership is meeting a real need for our end users – the renter,” says our founder and CEO Bob Matteson. Learn how the integration of ButterflyMX Virtual Keys into custom-apps powered by Mobile Doorman delivers the simplicity and convenience your renters want.  

Smart home technology is here to stay! And through our partnership with IOTAS we are making apartment living smarter and easier! Launching in 2019, residents can now have more control of their apartment living, both inside and outside their home. And operators will have gain greater efficiencies from maintenance to leasing. Bob Matteson – founder and CEO of Mobile Doorman explains just how we are making smart home tech easier for all. 

Mobile Doorman Making News

Forbes profiles our new IOTAS partnership: Jeffrey Steele of Forbes sat down with our very own Bob Matteson late last year to discuss how the new Mobile Doorman and IOTAS partnership will take multifamily smart home to the next level. Read how the integration promises to usher in an all-in-one smart management tool that can be leveraged by both rental communities and residents.

Efficient and effective communication before, during and after emergency disaster situations has never been more critical. It isn’t just about getting the message out but doing so in the method people prefer. Thanks to The Washington Post for citing Mobile Doorman as a reliable way to communicate with your apartment community in times of need.

Building Resident Satisfaction with Better Service: Just how important is the maintenance experience for your residents? It’s a big part of delivering a convenience-style lifestyle according to Matt Hawkins, business manager at Woodview, a Lincoln Property community. Read more about why Lincoln made the move to empower residents in the maintenance process through custom apps.  

Did I forget to mention we were in Forbes twice this past year? This Forbes article Selling the Resident Experience: Five Tips on Marketing to Gen Zers, discusses just how the amenities race is impacting our ability to attract and retain residents. And we are thrilled that Mobile Doorman is part of the technology stack that is making it easier to fulfill the needs of the future renter. 

We love pets at Mobile Doorman – have you seen our team pets on our website? And have you met Mo? Either way, pet services are no longer a should do, they are a must do for apartment operators. Hear how Village Green’s The Bernardin is embracing their pet residents and offering services just for them through their Mobile Doorman app.