Using Mobile Doorman to promote the Lincoln Property Summer Games social media campaign.

Lincoln Property Company, a Mobile Doorman client, recently wrapped up a 4 week-long social media campaign targeted towards their residents. The goal? Increase engagement and awareness across their social media channels, boost resident app usage, and encourage residents to use their community app for staying in the know on all things pertaining to their apartment. 

Within the Mobile Doorman app, we developed Content Tiles with the goal of making it easy for clients to share resources with residents and create a custom resident experience that is as unique as their property. From on-site amenities, to Marketplace deals, to linking out to relevant community resources (including social media landing pages), the usages for Content Tiles are endless.

In a recent Lincoln Property social media campaign, #LPCSummerGames, several of their multifamiyl communities took advantage of the built-in Mobile Doorman Content Tiles to promote and build awareness around the scavenger hunt - highlighting the themes of each week, the rules of the scavenger hunt, and how the winners would be announced.

Through weekly Content Tiles, onsite staff users shared campaign updates with residents directly on their home screens. Additionally, staff users were able to push out links to Content Tiles in the form of a direct message - helping to provide an extra boost ensuring a successful campaign.

Each week focused on a different theme including healthy living, animals, and going green. With the help of the Mobile Doorman team, Lincoln Property successfully deployed five unique Content Tiles that helped increase traffic and overall clicks to their social media pages and boosted app usage across their properties. 

To learn more about Mobile Doorman Content Tiles and what it can do for your apartment community, contact our team today!