Earlier this fall, we had the opportunity to attend the NMHC OpTech event in Las Vegas, the premier destination for “what’s next” in multifamily. It did not disappoint!

One of the best takeaways was the 2017 NMHC/Kingsley Renter Preferences Survey presentation, which included 272,000 responses from 1.1 million surveys, representing 4800 apartment communities in 44 states. Wow! It was an abundance of information about what renters are looking for, including:

  • Must-have amenities (air conditioning is still #1)
  • Desired smart features (better be installing those smart thermostats, #1)
  • Influence of online reviews (72% said something they read stopped them from visiting a community
  • Package delivery (21% receive refrigeration-required packages at least once a month)
  • Pet ownership (pet-washing stations are on the wish list of 61%)
  • Resident tenure (41% between 1-3 years)

And much more . . . but we were particularly fond of the info on connectivity and mobile, and it comes as no surprise to Mobile Doorman (or our amazing customers!) that 73% of renters said they would use a management app if available. Well, duh!

There were a lot of other great things about the conference as well . . . seeing lots of other great new technologies and industry friends, meeting new people and attending some really insightful sessions on topics ranging from cyber security to DIY energy reduction and smart apartment strategies. And as we all know, Vegas has no shortage of great food and other distractions to make for a memorable trip. We’ll definitely be at next year’s event in Orlando, and hope to see you there!

Note: if you’d like to get more info on the renter survey or to download the executive summary, go to nmhc.org/residents/