Born from consumer tech. Molded in multifamily.

We’ve built a team of dedicated people with diverse backgrounds who’ve come together to create a product that we believe in.

Our Story

We at Mobile Doorman believe there’s a disconnect between what residents expect and what property managers provide from a service and mobile technology standpoint. In our minds, apartment communities need to go beyond the web portal to connect with residents on their mobile devices. That’s why we created an app that does just that.


Mobile Doorman is led by a seasoned team with more than 65 years' combined experience.

Talk to me about:
Cricket, Music and Fitness

My favorite app:
Uber, Spotify

Nitin Vig

Chief Executive Officer

Talk to me about:
Dogs, Chicago and Chicago dogs

My favorite app:

Bob Matteson

Founder / Executive Chairman

Talk to me about:
Wine or food

My favorite app:
... Mobile Doorman, duh?!

Larry Bellack



We’re a group of passionate, hard working people dedicated to building a product that properties — and their residents — love.

Talk to me about:
My family & dogs, the last book you read

My favorite app:
UBEReats, Twitter

Judy Bellack

Chief Consultant/Advisor

Talk to me about:
My daughter Poppy, farming, tacos

My favorite app:

Katy Nilsson

Director of Customer Experience

Talk to me about:
Movies, Chicago sports, WI cheese curds

My favorite app:

Will Clanfield

Director of Marketing

Talk to me about:
Boxing, Rugby or Scuba diving

My favorite app:

Eoin Kirwan

Director of Accounting


Mobile Doorman HQ

224 N Desplaines St. #400
Chicago, IL 60661

Mobile Doorman - Madison

2985 Triverton Pike Drive #103
Fitchburg, WI. 53711

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